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18 July 2021, 10:00AM

Hanmer Springs


Intention is one of the most powerful forces there is. What you mean when you do a thing will always determine the outcome. Olivia will guide us to set our individual intention for our day.

A positive mindset is an attitude someone has who “expects” good and desired results. The power of positivity is immense, and it can help you convert that energy into reality. Tim AKA The Grow Good Guy will inspire us to align that positive mindset for the greater good, for your ultimate purpose.

Cooking can be easy and with a Thermomix at the ready, creating tasty, delicious and nutritious meals can be the winning ingredient to your meal plan. Enjoy a catered lunch by Carol and her team, plus a lunchtime demonstration with tasting.

Setting boundaries, aligning your truth, doing what you can with the resources you have are all attributes Anna has learnt to deal with during her professional athletic career. Learn from her how setting positivity into your many layers of a busy life, ensure grace and ease for all tasks ahead.

Meditation and mindfulness induce a heightened state of awareness and focused attention. Various studies demonstrate the practice can help relieve stress — as well as manage anxiety, reduce inflammation, and improve memory and attention, to boot. Allow Hassan to calm your mind with 2 meditations throughout our day.

Movement shouldn't be daunting, it should be an experience where you are guided to connect with your body - whatever you need on any given day. With 20+ years of experience teaching across yoga, mat pilates, dance and barre Jane is passionate about movement and creating flow. 

A playful class into the foundation of acroyoga & partnered balance. Exploring the dance of the base and the flyer, finding our centre of gravity and learning transitions between poses.

Yoga Practice


Honour Festival Winter Wellness Retreat 2021 is a bite sized version of it's Summer event, in honour of your mind, your body, and our planet. Due to the success and popularity of our inaugural Honour Festival earlier in 2021, we want to bring you a 1day retreat in Winter to warm your taste buds in preparation again for Summer.
A half day of pure bliss through yoga immersion, inspirational talks and demos, a tasty catered lunch
and an environment for discovery and empowerment through practice and discussion.
Supporting those in our communities who have a desire for more - more care for our land and environment, and more peace within our minds and bodies.
Honour Festival Winter Wellness Retreat - honouring your minds, honouring your bodies, and honouring our planet!




128 Medway Road

Hanmer Springs

Imagine yourself high on the Hanmer River Terrace, with a stunning uninterrupted view of the Southern Alps, the warm sun kissing you.  You are with a beautiful community of people in a tranquil space of learning and empowerment.  A place where you can truly open your mind, body, and heart. 


Enjoy a yoga session led by one of our guest instructors, listen to one of our expert speakers, immerse in the beautiful surrounds and be nurtured through your day by a like-minded community.

Ticket Inclusions





Your ticket price includes a half day experience from 10am - 2pm 

> 2 different yoga sessions to participate in

> 2 empowering speakers to be inspired by

> 2 meditations to immerse in

> 1 cooking demonstration to be enthused by

> PLUS a delicious, healthy and nutritious catered lunch, for all food types, including teas and water.

Check out the pricing tiers, there's something for everyone!

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To Drive to Amuri Estate

There is a parking area behind the main venue at Amuri Estate.  The parking area will be signposted, and there will be people there to direct you to a parking spot so it is easy to find.  If you need accessibility assistance, please contact us directly prior to the event.  


Please note: We cannot guarantee that there will be parking space available (first in first served).  If you can, share a ride with someone. This parking is okay for standard cars but is more suitable for 4WD vehicles as the driveway to Amuri Estate is Steep!  

State of Play

10AM  Welcome and Intention

10:15  Meditation

10:30  Yoga

11AM  Speaker

11:45  Demonstration + Lunch

12:15  Meditation

12:30  Speaker

1:15    Yoga



aligned partners

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