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24 Sept 2022, 10:00AM
Amuri Estate
Hanmer Springs


Back by popular demand, Sarah Percy of Tea Retreats who educated us on our gut health at the inaugural Honour Fest is back to talk women's hormonal health. Be sure to check her out!

Your Presenters...

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Oonagh Good 72.jpg

Attending a workshop with Oonagh is life changing! As a facilitator Oonagh is passionate, humorous, wise, compassionate and with the support of Cacao, will weave magic for your opening into Cacao, joy, connection, courage and inner trust.

Jenine will take you on a journey using the vibration of different sound healing instruments Sending vibrational frequency that brings on a deeply relaxing, meditative, and dreamlike state. Sound Healing can help release powerful healing hormones into the body such as endorphins, serotonin, and melatonin. Restoring harmony and balance to the body's biological rhythms and processes, re-establishing the correct functioning of the Endocrine system (the glands).


Olivia of Pulse Yoga has been changing peoples lives through yoga, movement, breath work and meditation since the turn of the century. She has en enigmatic energy that will ensure you are relaxed, energised and rejuvenated all at once. Enjoy a meditation session as well as a flow to get your groove on.

Yoga Practice


Honour Festival Spring Wellness workshop 2022 is in honour of your mind, your body, and our planet.
Due to the success and popularity of our inaugural Honour Festival and Winter Retreat, we are now bringing you a 1- day workshop,
in Spring 2022.
A full day of pure bliss through yoga immersion, inspirational talks and demonstrations, in an environment for discovery and empowerment through practice and discussion.
Supporting those in our communities who have a desire for more - more care for our land and environment, and more peace within our minds and bodies.
Honour Festival Spring Wellness Workshop - honouring your minds, honouring your bodies, and honouring our planet!


Imagine yourself in a beautiful setting, high above the banks of the the Hanmer River with views towards the Southern Alps. You are with a beautiful community of people in a tranquil space of learning and empowerment.  A place where you can truly open your mind, body, and heart. 


Enjoy a yoga session led by one of our guest instructors, listen to one of our expert speakers, immersed in the beautiful surrounds and nurtured throughout your day by being a part of a like-minded community.



124 Medway Road

Hanmer Springs



Spring WELLNESS Workshop



Your ticket price includes a full day experience from 10am - 3pm 

> yoga sessions to participate in

> empowering speakers to be inspired by

> workshop to immerse in

> catered lunch  - vegan, dairy + gluten free options

> A schedule of the sessions will be available nearer the time

> BYO - yoga mat, blanket, water bottle

Check out the pricing options, there's something for everyone!

Watch Social Media for Competitions & Updates

To get to Amuri Estate

Map to Hanmer AE.png

To get to Amuri Estate from Christchurch or Nelson, turn onto State Highway 7A heading into Hanmer Springs. After you cross the Ferry bridge, you wind down the hill then take the road on the right, Medway Road, follow along the shingle road for approx 2km and head up the yellow shingle steep driveway to the Amuri Estate Function Center.

Amuri Estate is only a 10min drive from the Village of Hanmer Springs. Turn Left off the main highway heading out of Hanmer onto Medway Road and follow along the shingle road for 2km until you see the Amuri Sign and yellow shingle drive, as above. 

Ample carparking is available above the function centre. 2wd vehicle is fine.


Map to AE.png

Excited to share with you all our line up for our day together......

We have allowed enough time for you to arrive e either from your accommodation, or travel up from Christchurch for the day. We will move quickly through our sessions but also allowing time for questions and to digest what we have learnt and can put into practice. 

Our lunch we are so excited about as we will be having a salad as catered by Sarah of Tea Retreats, a soup which Oonagh uses with Cacao and Carol of Thermomixing by Carol will provide some bread, extra soup and salads as well as some delicious bliss balls all made in the Thermomix.






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