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19 Feb 2022, 10:00AM
Squirrel Lake

Hanmer Springs


Back by popular demand, Sarah Percy of Tea Retreats who educated us on our gut health at the inaugural Honour Fest is back to talk women's hormonal health. Be sure to check her out!

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The Breath of Life workshop blends pranayama - yoga breathing exercises - with a flowing sequence of restorative yoga poses.

I'm Kate. Ethically Kate. An eco lifestyle blogger and educator.

Living with less waste and making ethical purchases is hard when life is hectic. I totally get it. I use positivity and leading by example to show others how simple it can be to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Through story telling and interactive speaking, I will give you tools and positive habits to take away with you and instil in your life, no matter how chaotic it gets.

This talk is suitable for those who've just begun to understand their impact, to people who are already sustainable living experts!


Valmai is a well known Naturopath and Professional Member of New Zealand Association Medical Herbalists. We invite you to join us for an inspirational learning experience in herbal medicine, wellness and creating your own garden pharmacy.

Enjoy a Vinyasa Flow yoga session with yoga Guru Chai Deva of Nelson' Kindred Studio.


Enjoy relaxing to the chilled beats of Dj Su, hailing from Wanaka where she plays her tunes at Wanaka Beats

Yoga Practice


Honour Festival Summer Wellness Retreat 2022 is in honour of your mind, your body, and our planet.
Due to the success and popularity of our inaugural Honour Festival and Winter Retreat, we are now bringing you a 1- day retreat, in high Summer 2022.
A full day of pure bliss through yoga immersion, inspirational talks and demonstrations, in an environment for discovery and empowerment through practice and discussion.
Supporting those in our communities who have a desire for more - more care for our land and environment, and more peace within our minds and bodies.
Honour Festival Summer Wellness Retreat - honouring your minds, honouring your bodies, and honouring our planet!


Imagine yourself in an open setting surrounded by beautiful woodlands, nestled below the stunning Southern Alps, kissed by the warm sun.  You are with a beautiful community of people in a tranquil space of learning and empowerment.  A place where you can truly open your mind, body, and heart. 


Enjoy a yoga session led by one of our guest instructors, listen to one of our expert speakers, immersed in the beautiful surrounds and nurtured throughout your day by being a part of a like-minded community.



Jollies Pass Road

Hanmer Springs


Stall Vendors

Applications now Open for Stall Vendors.
we welcome stalls who are ZERO Waste and low impact 


Food - Lunch Options

BYO - Picnic

Beverage - Lunch Options

Left Branch Cider

Natural Skin Care

Complete Designed Living


Refresh & Nurture - Indian Head Massage

Food Products

Hanmer Springs Gold Honey

Thermomixing with Carol

Yoga Apparel + Props




Avaliable NOW

Your ticket price includes a full day experience from 10am - 4pm 

> 2 yoga sessions to participate in

> 2 empowering speakers to be inspired by

> 1 workshop to immerse in

> A schedule of the sessions will be available soon

> Bring your own food & beverage to enjoy during your time at Squirrel lake and enjoy Live music to chill out to, at the end of an inspiring day!

Check out the pricing options, there's something for everyone!

Watch Social Media for Competitions & Updates

To get to Squirrel Lake


We are a zero waste event. So please consider this when you bring your own food & drink. Whatever you bring in with you to use and consume will have to go out with you. Please note that you will take all your own rubbish.

We are also asking all attendees to make their way to Honour Festival via foot. No cars will be permitted unless you have requested a special needs assistance parking. 

Squirrel Lake can be accessed via Torquay Terrace and Jollies Pass Roads and is an easy 5minutes walk from the central Hanmer Springs Village. 

A map to direct you to the venue will be posted here.

Please keep an eye on the website, Facebook and instagram for announcements and the days schedule.

The Schedule will be posted here



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